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Services for Coin Dealers

American Rarities is the Coin Dealer's Coin Dealer

American Rarities provides coin dealer services for vest-pocket dealers, coin dealers and local coin shops nationwide. We are generalists, working with coins of all types and values, and we make our expertise and resources available to other rare coin dealers.

Serving coin dealers and collectors across the country

Providing Liquidity for Coin Dealers

We can help you liquidate coins you purchase as part of a collection but do not have immediate retail buyers for. We have an extensive client base, and know where to get the highest prices possible. This allows us to make you a strong offer on these coins, with immediate payment, of course. Our buyers are ready to travel to you.

We Buy Excess Numismatic Inventory

In addition to providing a way for local dealers and coin shops to handle large or expensive collections, we also purchase shop inventories and collections from dealers looking to liquidate their coins. Should you ever decide to move out of the rare coin industry, or just need to get liquid, we have buyers ready to make you an offer on your inventory.

Collection Referral

We offer a 15%-of-profit referral fee, and first pick of the material, for any collections referred to us for purchase by other dealers. But why refer a collection to us?

We provide complete transparency on all referral transactions.

We Purchase Rare Coin Leads

American Rarities buys rare coin leads to help us find collections to purchase. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Types of leads we purchase include, but are not limited to:

The Bottom Line

American Rarities is a rare coin dealer that even other dealers go to! We do our best to provide quality service to collectors and dealers alike.

Contact American Rarities today to discover how we can be of service to you.